Our Team

Whether you've decided to learn more about us because you don't have the resources to have your own creative department, or you are looking to work with an agency with experience and expertise in senior living and healthcare marketing and sales strategy, we've got you covered. 

We've intentionally hand-selected our unique team of marketing experts. Agency owner, Michelle Nessman, believes that the benefit of having a small, intimate agency rather than a very large one lies in the ability to quickly respond to change requests and move projects forward faster. Why? Smaller teams are more versatile and can adapt very quickly to changes and problems.

The Elite team has extensive knowledge and experience in the senior living industry as well as other healthcare related industries creating award-winning digital marketing and sales strategies that generate more leads and increase your revenue. 


EBS-EmployeeSpotlight-simple-Michelle v3

"In-the-trenches" Experience

  • Has worked as a CNA, Nurse, Executive Director, Regional Director, and Vice President of Sales for a multi-million dollar senior living organization
  • Has over a decade of sales consulting experience in healthcare 
  • Loves to blend data and strategy to create custom solutions for clients that generate increased revenue 
  • In her spare time, loves to travel, is a firefighter, and enjoys competitive weightlifting

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Driven by Data

  • Has been in the digital marketing field since 2006
  • Loves to develop strategies and brainstorm with the team and clients
  • Gets all kinds of geeky when it comes to marketing data
  • Is a certified life coach, published author, and motivational speaker in addition to being an actress, classically trained pianist, and mother to four, ages 12-21

Katie Hyrkas

Attention to Detail

  • Received a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland
  • Has handled almost every area of digital marketing, including running her own agency 
  • Obsessed with design and especially the HubSpot marketing platform so much so that she could sell for them 
  • Outside of marketing, her true passions are spending time with her family, completing Pinterest crafts, snowboarding, and binging The Office and Parks and Rec

EBS-EmployeeSpotlight-simple-Kelsey v3

Word-Smith Extraordinaire

  • Background in Journalism and Strategic Communication with an expertise in start-ups and nonprofits
  • Loves grammar and AP Style more than she cares to admit
  • Facilitates high-quality, participant-centered creative writing workshops through Write Around Portland
  • Is either emailing you, reading a memoir, practicing Downward-facing Dog, watching The Office

Kodi Bobo

Fueled by Beauty and Creativity

  • Obtained a BFA in Drawing and Printmaking at the University of Montevallo and a MFA in Printmaking at SCAD
  • Regularly travels the world in search of inspiration, artistic expression, and new creative methods
  • Passionate about typesetting and has a collection of fonts that any hoarder would be proud of 
  • When she is not creating something, she can be found playing tennis, practicing yoga, planning her next trip, or spending time with friends and family

Chelsea Boog

Customer Experience Creator

Becky Rauchbauer

Embraces Challenge

  • Has degrees in Legal Administrative Assistant and Paralegal
  • Loves to embrace challenges and effectively respond to changes in a fast-paced environment 
  • Spends time with family or constantly searching new music